As the Hospitality Industry is expanding globally and is poised to become the largest Industry in the next 10 years, the demand for hotels would increase and, therefore, the demand for skilled hospitality professionals will increase exponentially with every passing year. Supplying the industry with high-calibre specialists  will become a top-priority.       
The IHM - Srinagar recognizes the abilities of its students and enables them to grow and evolve into successful professionals. It achieves this through its state-of the art infrastructure, picturesque & inspiring setting and devoted team of faculty members and administrators. Our focus remains on evolving efficient, confident and highly knowledgeable  hospitality professionals, managers and entrepreneurs with global thinking and futuristic mindset that will contribute to the nation building with faith in corporate ethics.
We welcome you at IHM - Srinagar to gain professional education leading to professional success as well as personal development.